Kevin Selman

Coupled with my success as a personal trainer / group fitness instructor, university athlete; my speciality is primarily focused on sport specific strength and condition along with H.I.R.T – High Intensity Resistance Training. As a certified TRX suspension trainer, kettlebell Levels 1,2,3 and functional movement screen specialist, my knowledge is primarily geared at improving any individual’s level of fitness.
  • Monday 7:00pm (Lower Body strength & conditining)
  • Tuesday 8:30pm (Upper Body strength & conditining)
  • Thursday 8:30am (Lower Body H.I.I.T) & 8:00pm (Advanced strength & conditioning)
  • Friday 8:30am (H.I..I.T)
    Friday 12:15pm - 1:00PM (Power H.I.I.T "45min express class")
  • Saturday 10:00am (Advanced metabolic conditioning & strength)


With over 6 years as a personal trainer, my specialities include a highly skilled training in weight loss and strength conditioning. My forte is adapting both cardio based routines and weightlifting circuits into a well-integrated fun and motivating environment.
  • Monday 8:30am (Cardio conditioning)
  • Tuesday 7:00pm (Cardio conditioning)
  • Wednsday 8:30am (Glute lab)
  • Sunday 10:00am (Aerobic endurance circuit)


In her approach to movement performance, she integrates and applies her soft tissue manual techniques such as (MATS) Muscle Activation Techniques, her skills as a Registered Massage Therapist and active Release Techniques to name a few. Kirstin’s coaching skills stem from her education as a fitness professional, international presenter, a TRX Senior Master Instructor and as a Girevoy Sport coach to name a few. These skills and movements are accessible and easy for clients to incorporate them seamlessly into their workout routine.