We specialize in youth, high school athletes, college athletes, professional athletes, and adults; preparing each team member to out-perform the competition. Our focus is to identify weaknesses, improve functional movement, and build superior bodies to reduce injury risk and increase performance. We target speed, agility, strength, power, and conditioning specific to the demands of the sport. Off-season preparation is key to any athlete’s success, however, in-season maintenance is equally as vital for continued individual and team success. We strongly emphasize and offer all of our athletes and teams, the reduction of injury and increased physical longevity.

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Why Choose S.P.A.R. Training?

Come test your limits, whether you choose to be at the gym experiencing your own workout routine, or one guided by a certified trainer, or that of our well desired and sought after group classes - they all foster a social aspect, fun environment, consistent schedule and specialty workout designed for YOU! Some good researcher findings as to why one should join S.P.A.R Training fitness facility are;

  • Getting Healthy
  • Finding support and motivation
  • Stress relief
  • Learning from professionals
  • Dynamic workouts - variety for both the mind and body
  • Learning together, sweating together
  • Weight Loss
  • Building lean muscle mass